Certified Organic Flora Maxi Lash Mascara


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Award Winner for the best Natural Cosmetics Product in Shecky’s Best in Beauty Award!


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Our product contains natural plant fibres that bond to each individual lash to deliver maximum length and a long-lasting lash look. The advanced, lifting formula is enriched with the benefits of Cacao Seed Butter and Carnauba Wax which increases definition and creates fuller-looking lashes. Our Flora Maxi Lash Mascara is naturally derived with the most real ingredients of Nettle Leaf, Rosemary, Aloe Vera and Horsetail extracts to regenerate and nourish your lashes. As it’s handcrafted with the purest and safest ingredients, this product is perfect for those with sensitive eyes. Start discovering luxurious beauty with our Flora Maxi Lash Mascara and feel amazing knowing that it’s good for you.

Choosing your colour – 

  • Granite – Black 

Applying the Mascara – 

Ensure your lashes are free of any oils and moisture. Apply an even coat of mascara to your eyes, starting from the root to the tip of the lashes. Apply a second coat until you achieve your desired look and allow sufficient drying time.


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