Certified Organic Eyebrow Definer



Award Winner for the best Natural Cosmetics Product in Shecky’s Best in Beauty Award!



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Perfect your arches with our soft and long-lasting Certified Organic Eyebrow Definer. A wonderful blend of essential oils and extracts ensures your natural brows are nurtured, nourished and protected.

eco tan vegan organic natural FACE LOTION

Our plant-based ingredients work beautifully to accentuate, fill and define your eyebrows. The non-greasy formula helps you style your brows with extreme precision and adds everything you need in a product, from colour to shape and density. Our Eyebrow Definer is able to emulate fine, hair-like strokes to create a natural and fuller-looking brow. Confidently conquer the day with striking brows and feel extra beautiful knowing the products you’re using are enriched with the most natural ingredients.

Choosing Your Shade

Our Eyebrow Definer comes in two shades that suit a wide range of people:


Coco suits people with fair skin and blonde hair

Taupe suits people with brunette hair

Eyebrow Definer

Cocoa, Taupe


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